LED Power

We herewith present you the manufacturers of our high-quality Vitecpower products and solutions.


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AC/DC LED Driver with IP67 case

  • Input Range: Universal PFC Input 90Vac to 305Vac
  • 25 to 300 Watts
  • Constant Current, Voltage and Dimming
  • Efficiency up to 93%
  • IP67 housing
  • 5 years warranty

Advanced Energy

Vitec dc conversion

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LED Driver in compact packaging for PCM assembling

  • Power  8W-24W
  • Input Voltage 7V – 30Vdc
  • Constant Current: 300mA bis 1000mA
  • PWM/Digital/Analog Dimming
  • Efficency up to >95%
  • Packaging DIL14 und DIL16
  • Temperature range -40°C bis +85°C


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DC/DC Modules

VICOR DC/DC Modules can be used as efficient high-power current source in just adding a simple external control loop and current-sense resistor. You can find further details at the library under application notes here. Revolutionary new VI-Chip architectures allows constant current and /or voltage designs as ultra-small, high-performance, highest efficiency and cost-effective solutions.


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LED Power Supply for Indoor and Outdoor installations

  • IP66/IP67 housings
  • Temperature range -35°C to +70°C
  • Input voltage: Universal PFC input (90Vac to 3005Vac)
  • Power 7W to 300W
  • Housings aluminum or plastics
  • UL-certification

Power System Technology

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In partnership with Vicor, worldwide leader in high density DC/DC converters, Power System Technology designs and manufactures modular power solutions. Flexibility and reactivity of in-house manufacturing with dedicated equipment like wave soldering, automatic cut for wiring, ESD cabling bench and many more enables a fast response on changing requirements. Their engineers add extra circuitry and intelligence around standard Vicor power modules. They are using their expertise in E.M.I., thermal management, mechanical packaging and environment qualifications. CAD tools and thermal chamber, AC and DC programmable sources and loads, E.M.I. bench enables a full qualification of prototypes according to the most severe constraints of customer specifications.