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Performance, redefined: the new 1500 VDC flat-battery start unit

Introducing the new 1500 VDC flat-battery start unit, offering remarkable power density, ultimate reliability and a level of surge robustness which is second to none. Power supplies powered by contact lines experience high energy surges which cannot be absorbed by traditional components such as varistors or transorbs. The unique active surge limiter from intreXis does [...]


75Watts Quarter Brick DC-DC Converter Input Voltage 180-450VDC Efficiency Up to 90% Fixed Switching Frequency Regulated Outputs Remote On/Off Low No Load Power Consumption Fully Protected (OTP/OCP/OVP/UVLO) 3000Vac I/O Isolation Operating Case Temperature -40 to +105℃ Quarter Brick Size Meet Industrial Standard 2.28”x1.45”x0.5” IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 (Reinforce Insulation) Approval CB Test Certificate IEC62368-1 Shock & Vibration [...]

Xsolo XB1000 Series

Highly efficient power supply that delivers up to 1000 W for use in medical, scientific, industrial, and harsh environmental applications Ready for BF medical applications, fully certified to IEC60601-1 Delivers 1000 W with 24 and 48 V single outputs Fan-cooled 1000 W (variable speed fan) PMBus™ for digital communications Overview The efficient and reliable Xsolo [...]

EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell 2.5

The hydrogen fuel cell for higher power ranges Nominal outputs from 2.5 to 50 kW The EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell 2.5 supplements the comprehensive product range of SFC Energy with energy solutions in the higher power range and provides reliable, powerful and uninterrupted climate-neutral energy. Power output from 2.5 to 50 kW can be individually [...]

Cincon TR220M Series 220W AC/DC Medical Adapter New Product Release Key Specs

1.Premises As the “energy saving” topic being mentioned frequently nowadays, power supply manufacturers keep chasing the high efficiency and low power consumption features. Power Factor (PF) is also another important element that affects energy usage, and the high PF products could save power plant from the environmental issue of generating more power, which is caused [...]

New Full Brick, DC/DC Converter CFB800 Series

Schlüsselspezifikationen: Cincon stellt das neueste Produktdesign vor, die DC/DC-Wandler CFB800-Serie. Dieses neue Produkt bietet 800 Watt in einer Industriestandard-Full-Brick-Größe mit einem Eingangsbereich von 2:1 und hat eine Ausgangsspannung von 28 V DC mit 1500 V DC Isolation. Außergewöhnliche Leistung: Der Wirkungsgrad kann bis zu 90 % betragen und hat eine Gehäusebetriebstemperatur von -40°C bis 100°C. [...]

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