Key Specs:

In the dynamic landscape of power supply solutions, innovation knows no bounds. Embodying this spirit of progress, we proudly present the latest additions to our AC-DC medical power lineup: the LFM300M and LFM420M Series. These two power-packed series redefine industry standards with their compact size, exceptional performance, and unparalleled reliability.


Compact yet powerful, the LFM300M and LFM420M Series stand as testaments to the marriage of power and compactness. The LFM300M boasts an impressive 300W output power packed into a sleek 4.09” x 2.28” x 1” frame, while its counterpart, the LFM420M, delivers a remarkable 420W output power in a similarly compact 5” x 3.29” x 1” form factor. With their semi-potted chassis and baseplate-cooled configuration, these series are engineered to deliver outstanding performance across diverse settings, making them ideal solutions for space-conscious applications.


Catering comprehensively to the needs of various industries, both series offer a range of output voltages including 12V, 15V, 24V, 28V, 30V, 36V (LFM420M only), 48V, and 54V. Moreover, designed to function flawlessly at altitudes of up to 5000m and boasting Over Voltage Category approvals of OVC III (2000m) & OVC II (5000m), the two series guarantee reliability and safety even in the most demanding environments.


Exceptional Performance:

Setting a new benchmark for efficiency and compactness, the LFM300M and LFM420M Series offer remarkable power density, delivering 32.1W and 25W per cubic inch respectively. What truly sets these series apart is their fanless operation, ensuring reliable performance without compromising on noise levels or cooling efficiency.

The LFM300M can sustain 250W with an external baseplate (22.8cmx22.8cmx0.2cm) and 190W without, while the LFM420M can sustain 350W with an external baseplate (24.8cm x 48cm x 0.12cm) and 280W without. Additionally, both series operate reliably across a wide case temperature range, from -40°C to +90°C for the LFM300M and from -40°C to +85°C for the LFM420M, with efficiency rates soaring up to 94% and 94.5% respectively.


Full Protections:

Safety is paramount in power supply solutions. The LFM300M and LFM420M Series feature Over Temperature Protection, Over Voltage Protection, and Continuous Short Circuit Protection, ensuring robust safeguards against potential risks. Endorsed by IEC/EN/UL 60601-1 Ed. 3.2 approvals and compliant with EN 55011 and CISPR/FCC Class B standards, these series uphold the highest safety standards. Additionally, the LFM300M is Class I & Class II, while the LFM420M is Class I, providing added assurance for various applications.


Versatile Solutions for Medical Applications:

The LFM300M and LFM420M Series offer versatility that spans a wide spectrum of medical applications. From surgical lights and monitors to endoscopes, dental chairs, medical lasers, ventilators, CT scanning, and portable x-ray machines, these series are suitable for various medical equipment needs. Their compact size design makes the LFM300M and LFM420M Series particularly suitable for portable and space-limited medical devices.



Whether it’s in a hospital setting or for mobile healthcare units, these power supplies offer the perfect balance of power and size, ensuring optimal performance without compromising on space constraints. In critical medical applications where reliability is paramount, the LFM300M and LFM420M Series excel. With their robust protections, adherence to safety standards, and compact yet powerful design, these series provide the reliability and performance required for the most demanding medical environments.

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LFM420M – Datasheet


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