Railway DC-DC Power Solution Video Release

The new video of Cincon Railway DC-DC power solution has been released. In the railway system, Cincon railway DC-DC converters are suitable for various applications such as control system, door system, traction system, signaling system, surveillance system, brake system, server, entertainment system, etc.

To cover a wide range of railway applications, Cincon offers an ultra-wide input voltage range up to 18:1; and the portfolio is from 8W to 600W. In addition, the operating case temperature ranges from -40°C to 105°C. The industrial standard packages such as 2″x1″, quarter brick, half brick, and full brick are available. In addition, plug-in ready to use chassis-mount modules are also offered and the strong technical support team helps customers to overcome the EMC challenges and meet hold up time Class C2/S3 in EN50155 with external circuit.

Cincon railway DC-DC converters are compliant to or meet industrial safety standard IEC/EN/UL 62368-1. Also, product series are compliant to the railway standard EN 50155, EN 61373 for shock & vibration and EN 45545-2 for fire & smoke.

What’s more, we have high-qualified production line approved by IPC Qualified Manufacturing Listings (QML) to ensure quality.

Cincon railway DC-DC power solution includes all the features people would consider as the top priorities:

◆  The wide range of operating voltage

◆  Wide operating case temperature

◆  EMC & Safety certificates

◆  Shock and vibration standard

◆  Fire protection standard

◆  Reliability of the power converters

◆  Hold-up time