Rugged Industrial-grade, 600 Watt AC-DC, Weather Resistant Power Supply for Harsh Environments

Calex Manufacturing Company, Inc. announces it is extending its portfolio of rugged AC/DC products with the IHC600 Series. The IHC series is aimed at ruggedized fanless applications that require high reliability power operating in challenging environmental conditions. The compact single output range incorporates extremely efficient power conversion topology enabling a 93.5% efficiency, resulting in minimum heat dissipation. The IHC series can provide 600 watts of output power continuously at a baseplate temperature of 85⁰ C.

Operating at full 600 watts output power over a wide universal AC input voltage range from 90V – 264V AC, the IHC series is offered with single output voltages of 12Vdc, 24Vdc, and 48Vdc with a -5% to +15% adjustment range. The power supply features constant current overload protection which is ideal for inductive, capacitive loads and battery charging. The unit also features On/Off remote inhibit and a Power Good signal. The optional parallel feature allows for dual redundancy and increased power of two or more converters for critical applications. With a reliability exceeding 1.4M hours (Telcordia SR-332).

The IHC600 is enclosed in a ruggedized Ingress Protection 67 (IP67) rated enclosure that is designed to be baseplate /cold wall mounted, heatsink, or naturally convection cooled and operates in a wide range of ambient temperatures from -40⁰ C to +85⁰ C. The converter is fully internally potted, which means it can withstand high levels of shock & vibration and operate comfortably in high humidity environments while being fully ingress protected from external contamination. Used in harsh conditions such as outdoor process elevators, external road signs, electrolysis equipment, food processing, and maritime environments.

The IHC power supply series measures 9.20 x 5.04 x 1.57 inches (233.7mm x 128.1mm x 39.9mm), with a weight of 4.08 pounds (1.85 kgs) meeting Class A EMI and high levels of immunity to CISPR and FCC standards. The power supplies are safety compliant to UL/IEC 62368-1.

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