Delta Elektronika designs and manufactures DC power units since 1959. Unfortunately a power supply is seen as a minor part of any equipment and often taken for granted. For many just an electronic box ordered at the last moment. It can be compared with our heart. It’s often neglected and we tend to pay even more attention to our hair. But if the heart fails the system goes down.

By reputation, a Delta power supply must be reliable. This is why our design concept has a strong emphasis on excellent technical specifications and long life. The specifications of our products may seem unrealistic but turn out to be even better when measured. Delta users expect perfection and an almost infinite life time at continuous full power and low cost of ownership. An ongoing research program has resulted in designs that can meet an ever increasing number of specifications.

As a result of our design philosophy the units react more than 10 times faster on load transients, produce hardly audible noise and produce 10 – 30 times less electromagnetic interference. Delta customers will never face any problems due to radiated or conducted emissions of our power supplies. The same design philosophy applies for immunity: the toughest standard is not good enough for us. A Delta power supply will operate totally reliably even in a very noisy environment.

All our power supply units are thoroughly tested before being dispatched to the customer. This ensures the long term correct functioning of each unit and client satisfaction. Delta Elektronika produces world class DC power supplies.


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