Artesyn Embedded Power is a market leader in AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters. All of these power supply products carry the well-known brand names Astec or Artesyn and are known for their excellent performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Our portfolio of AC-DC power supplies is particularly extensive (3 to 960 watts low and medium power / output power of up to 24,000 watts medium to high power). Our portfolio of DC/DC conversion products includes an extremely wide range of isolated DC/DC converters. We also produce high voltage quarter brick, half brick and full brick DC-DC converter modules for application specific power supplies in specialty markets such as avionics and railroad, along with a complementary range of Power Factor Correction (PFC). modules.

Excelsys Technologies, part of Advanced Energy, is a modern and advanced electronic power supply company that provides industry-leading products to original equipment manufacturers around the world. Combining the latest technology, management methodologies, and a total customer service philosophy, Excelsys provides highly reliable, high-technology power solutions for the medical, industrial, communications, and military electronics markets. Excelsys is based in a modern factory with a highly qualified staff that prides itself on its ability to provide complete customer satisfaction. They achieve this through service and product quality and by offering a solution with excellent value for money for our customers’ needs.

Advanced Energy is shaping and transforming the way the world’s leading semiconductor and industrial companies use, deliver and control power efficiently. They design and manufacture highly engineered, precision solutions for powering, metering and controlling mission-critical applications and processes. Their power supply solutions enable innovations in complex semiconductor and thin-film plasma processes, high and low voltage applications and in temperature-critical environments. From everyday screens to life-saving medical devices and procedures, your products and solutions enable their continuous development and improvement. Advanced Energy’s high voltage products feature powerful power supplies and amplifiers. Each product line includes hundreds of units, options and accessories to meet your application needs.

SL POWER Electronics is a global leader in the design and manufacture of AC/DC power conversion solutions used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in their mission-critical applications. Our product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of standard, modified and fully customized turnkey solutions. With more than 60 years of experience in the energy industry, we offer OEMs superior performance with solutions optimized for thermal management, reliability, EMI/EMC, power density and energy efficiency. At SL Power Electronics we specifically target three primary market segments: Medical, LED and Industrial.