Advanced Energy’s Artesyn CSU2000ADC is housed in the industry standard 1U x 73.5 x 185 mm form factor featuring -48Vdc input voltage. This DC/DC power supply belongs to the CRPS family of products, and matches the mechanical
form and fit of Advanced Energy’s AC/DC power supplies. The common form, fit, and function for all products in the family provides a path for power capacity flexibility, futureproofing your system designs.

  • 2000 W output power
  • High power and short form factor
  • 1U power supply
  • High density design: 62 W/in3
  • Uses two-hole terminal lugs to handle
  • high input current
  • Inrush current control
  • N+M redundant N+M ≤ 4
  • Hot-pluggable
  • Active current sharing
  • Full digital control
  • PMBus® compliant
  • Accurate input power reporting
  • Compatible with Artesyn’s Universal
  • PMBus GUI
  • Reverse airflow option