The new, higher voltage Excelsys CmK CoolMod

Designed for industrial and medical applications that require non-SELV DC voltages

  • 200V DC output and higher
  • IEC60601-1 3rd Edition
  • IEC62368-1
  • Industry leading 5-year warranty

We are happy introduce the new single slot CmK higher voltage module. Providing an isolated 200VDC output,  this new CoolMod can be used across the full range of CoolX intelligent, configurable power supplies: CoolX600, CoolX1000, CoolX1800 and CoolX3000. The new CmK module will benefit customers by simplifying hardware design and system safety compliance for systems requiring higher DC voltages.

Each CmK CoolMod can deliver up to 200 Watts at 200V, and a total of three CmK modules can be connected in series to provide 600VDC. Three CmK modules can also be connected in parallel to provide 200VDC for applications that require higher currents. This flexible module is adjustable between 175VDC and 205VDC, and as extension of the CoolX configurable range offers system designers greater flexibility with both analog and digital (PMBus®) monitoring and control capability.

Meeting the stringent creepage and clearance requirements for medical applications, the CoolX also provides 4KVAC isolation, 2 MOPP protection and is fully certified to IEC60601-1 3rd edition for medical applications as well as IEC62368-1 for industrial applications.

Typical medical applications include medical and laboratory equipment like clinical chemistry and analyzers, medical lasers, surgical robotics, imaging, and life science equipment, while typical industrial applications include test and measurement, additive manufacturing, and automation equipment.

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