Due to the advantages of Higher Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) power products, the needs from different markets have increased. The HVDC products are able to transmit more electricity and generate less power loss, save the cost and lower the weight of cable. They have been used in numerous applications with the power structure of utility power/mains plus HVDC such as 5G base station, EV charging devices, data centers, internet IT equipment, etc.

      Cincon provides diverse HVDC power solutions for those applications. The portfolio of brick type DC-DC converters ranges from 75W to 750W in different industrial standard sizes and serves with various output voltages. Through the bridge rectifier circuit, the AC would be converted to DC for the HVDC DC-DC converters. If the PFC (Power factor correction) is required, the Cincon PFC750 750W AC-DC PFC module will be an ideal option.

HVDC Power Solution Common Applications:

The following are the applications where the HVDC power solutions are applied commonly:

1. The power architecture with the bridge rectifier circuit at the front to convert the AC voltage to High DC voltage: Cincon High Input Voltage DC-DC converters will be used after the bridge rectifier circuit to convert the power for different electronic devices.

2. The power architecture with the power factor correction module plus High Input Voltage DC-DC converters:

When the power factor correction is required, the Cincon AC-DC PFC module, PFC750, could be at the front-end to convert AC to DC and the Active Power Factor Correction (APFC) feature is able to offer the value of PF up to 0.99. Moreover, the PFC750 could be used with different combinations of high input voltage DC-DC converters for the various needs of supply voltages to devices, offering the flexibility to system designers.

3. Electric Vehicle (EV) Recharging Robot:

In the EV charging market, charging piles are important to EV owners and services providers. With the diverse use of robots, EV recharging robots could serve in the places without the charging piles. EV owners will not need to spend time to wait for an available parking space with the charging pile. In the recharging robot system, a high voltage battery would be included for charging the electric vehicle and this battery is also the power source of the robot. But most of parts in the robot are supplied under 60Vdc. Therefore, the Cincon high input voltage DC-DC converters could convert the high voltage from the  battery to the desired voltage directly. It avoids the extra conversion loss caused by the multiple stages of voltage conversion.


4. Remoted Operating Vehicle (ROV):

ROVs are mainly operated in the air or under water. Although they might work only within a limited distance, the need of mobility and long working hour is the challenge to battery life. Speaking of battery life, if a ROV needs to work for longer period, the battery size will be larger to store more energy. In addition, it will also increase the total weight of the ROV, having the direct impact on mobility and consuming more energy. To overcome the challenge, some engineers came up with the new idea of taking the battery from ROV to the ground or boats/ships. This type of ROV will be powered via a cable. These ROVs still have built-in battery but only for emergency use. This kind of design greatly reduces the overall weight and make the ROV lighter.

Inside these ROVs, the working voltages of motor system and other systems are low voltages. However, the battery charging system is working under higher voltage which will be around 400Vdc. Also, the distributed voltage of the cable should be high in order carry less current, otherwise the weight of the cable will be heavy. In this case, Cincon high input voltage DC-DC converter are suitable for converting the high voltage to the operating voltages of motor system and other systems.

The maritime ROVs are mainly used for scientific research of marine ecosystem and resource exploration. The power source is often on boats/ships or set up ashore and the required PFC station will have the output voltage around 380-400Vdc and the electricity will be sent to the ROV through the waterproof cable.


For applications of high input voltage, Cincon offers a wide power range of DC-DC brick type converter and the chassis-mount turnkey version of the power converters which have built-in EMI solution. They are suitable for different scenarios such as simple series operation, simple ±output operation and redundant operation. Moreover, full brick size DC-DC converters have the PC pin feature for parallel operation with active current-sharing function. The parallel operation is for devices requiring higher power output.

Cincon also provides the reference of application for PFC750, the 750W AC-DC PFC module, and CFB750-300S high input voltage DC-DC converter.

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