Mobility is changing. Not only in cars and trucks, but there it is very visible: the individual mobility of the future will be electric.

The age of the combustion engine is coming to an end. And not just the day after tomorrow, but already in a few years. For NOLDEN, the topic of e-mobility does not come as a surprise. We have been working for years on the requirements and solutions that are already in demand today, but will certainly be in demand in the near future. After all, the pursuit of innovation is one of the most important components of our corporate philosophy. That is why NOLDEN is also the first choice for companies of the future, which also have a strong focus on e-mobility. NOLDEN sets industry standards in markets such as automotive, bus, caravan, motorcycles, municipal, agricultural, special vehicle and construction.

NOLDEN: The future is at home with us – by tradition.