Artesyn™ AEE Medical Series

Isolated Medical DC-DC Converters

Advanced Energy’s Artesyn™ AEE medical series of isolated DC-DC converters provide OEMs with an economical solution for demanding applications in medical instrumentation. Encapsulated in a compact package and with a reinforced insulation system critical for medical equipment, the highly reliable AEE series offers up to 89% efficiency and covers a wide input voltage range, with operating temperatures from -40 to 75°C.



max. Current

Output Voltage



ASA 6W — Medical Series 6 W 1 A -15V to 15V 1, 2 Download
AEE 10W — Medical Series


10 W 1.6 A -15V to 15V 1, 2 Download
AEE 15 Watt Medical Series 15 W 3 A -15V to 24V 1, 2 Download
AEE 20 Watt Medical Series


20 W 4 A -15V to 24V 1, 2 Download

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