Highly efficient power supply that delivers up to 1000 W for use in medical, scientific, industrial, and harsh environmental applications

  • Ready for BF medical applications, fully certified to IEC60601-1
  • Delivers 1000 W with 24 and 48 V single outputs
  • Fan-cooled 1000 W (variable speed fan)
  • PMBus™ for digital communications


The efficient and reliable Xsolo series of single-output power supplies provide up to 1000 W in a compact 1U package. The Xsolo XB1000 is an enclosed, fan-cooled chassis, designed for use in Body Floating (BF) medical applications. Delivering 1000 W, the XB1000 also provides 2 x MOPP, low leakage current and 4KVAC isolation.

Available with nominal 24 and 48 V outputs, the platform features a wide output voltage adjustment, variable-speed fan, 12 V/300 mA isolated-bias supply, and remote on/off capabilities. Options include OR-ing for N+1 redundancy and PMBus™ for digital communications.

A PMBus measurement calculator for the XB1000 is available.


  • High Power Density: 1008 Watts
  • Full Safety Agency Approvals: Suitable for use in BF applications. See Technical Specs for details
  • Intelligent Digital Power: Access maximum flexibility with analog and digital control


  • Type BF ready for BF medical applications
  • Greater than 92% ultra-high efficiency
  • Fan-cooled 1000 W
  • Digital control
  • 12 V/50 mA-bias-standby voltage provided
  • 1U height

Certifications and Standards

  • EN60950 and EN62368 for industrial applications
  • EN60601-1 (second third edition) for medical applications
  • EMC emission and immunity standards


Input Voltage Range       85 to 264 VAC

Input Current                  10 A

Output Power                  1008 W

Output Voltage                14 to 58 V

Ripple and Noise              1% of nominal

L x W x H                         238 mm x 128 mm x 40mm (9.3in x 5 in x 1U)

Weight                              1.25 kg


You can find the data sheet here.