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New! SM15k Series by Delta Elektronika BV

More Delta Power With the new SM500-CP-90 we have extended our offering to a higher power level: from 6kW maximum per supply to 15kW. Increased power without compromising either specifications or lifespan is what the SM500-CP-90 offers. A breakthrough in power electronics technology has enabled us to engineer features that customers demanded but were previously [...]

Revolutionary New Fanless 600 Power Supply from Excelsys

No fans – No Noise – No Vibrations >25% Reliability Increase Industrial and Medical Approvals – 5 Year Warranty – User Configurable Using Excelsys’s innovative patented modular resonant technology   The CoolX600 Series is the new, revolutionary, convection-cooled modular power supply platform from Excelsys Technologies which delivers an incredible 600W without fan assisted cooling from [...]

NEW UltiMod series from Excelsys

Excelsys Technologies is the leading designer and manufacturer of high efficiency, low profile power supplies providing power solutions from 200W-1340W. The new UltiMod range of power supplies offers unrivalled performance and demonstrates our global leadership in product reliability, efficiency and cost competitiveness. The UltiMod family offers following features: highest efficiency - up to 92% lowest [...]

New product group from Excelsys – XSolo

Excelsys Technologies the leading designer and manufacturer of high efficiency, low profile power supplies providing power solutions from 200W-1340W. Until now they were only known for their high efficient, configurable multi-mod outputsystems. The Xsolo family of high efficiency, high reliability single output power supplies from Excelsys Technologies provides up to an incredible 1008W in an [...]

New Generation of the EFOY Pro Fuel Cell Generator

SFC Energy AG has launched a new, even more functional generation of the successful EFOY Pro fuel cell generators for demanding security and surveillance applications. The small, compact power packs supply off-grid energy to stationary and mobile audio and video systems, property and border protection equipment, nature observation and traffic management systems, and many more [...]

New High Density AC-DC Power System

The new Westcor MicroPAC is a small, flexible and highly efficient fan-cooled, AC-DC power system. Built with a wide range AC Power Factor Corrected front end, integrated hold-up, filtering, and built in immunity. It provides a choice of semi-regulated output voltages of 12, 24, 36 and 48VDC, up to 1300 watts. So what makes it [...]

Intermediate bus converter offers doubled power density

Intermediate bus converter offers doubled power density For more information CLICK HERE. Vicor’s new IBC048 series of VI BRICK Intermediate Bus Converters and IB050Q096T70N1-00 VI BRICK bus converter offer double the power density. Initial IBC048 series products include 300 W and 500 W parts providing 9.6 or 12 V outputs from a nominal 48 V [...]

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