Programmable Power Supplies

We herewith present you the manufacturers of our high-quality Vitecpower products and solutions.
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Delta Elektronika BV

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Delta Elektronika manufactures power units which today are an integral component in equipment found all over the world. The products have been designed to meet the challenges of today’s demanding equipment. Since it’s inception in 1959, Delta Elektronika has been designing and producing power supplies and has become a leader in a market that demands efficiency and reliability. An ongoing research programme has resulted in production designs that can meet an ever increasing number of specifications. Tracking Mode, Master-Slave Configuration, Active PFC, Clean Current, Low Ripple are terms frequently used to describe our units. Delta Elektronika produces world class DC power supplies.


  • Current and Voltage Regulation
  • 150W up to 6000W Models
  • 19 inch Rack mounted or as Stand-Alone-Device
  • Analog and Digital Programmable Interfaces
  • Paralles and Series Option
  • EN60950 and EN61010

XP Glassman High Voltage

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Beginning with its inception in 1977, Glassman High Voltage has become the premier worldwide supplier of high voltage power supply technology to original equipment manufacturers, laboratories and a very diverse group of research facilities.

Glassman products feature our proprietary air insulation technology and inverter circuit designs that ensure long-term stability and high reliability performance. Glassman’s reputation as a market leader in the DC power supply field has been built upon their dedication and investment in technology development and lean manufacturing principles.

Because of their experience and creativity with high voltage technology, Glassman are uniquely qualified to lead design and development projects for specialized equipment.

  • Current and Voltage regulation
  • Power  15 Watt — 50 Kilowatt
  • Output Voltage  1kV – 1.500kV
  • Remote Control analog or digital
  • Modul or 19“Rack-Version (height 1U-20U)

XP Glassman High Voltage