EN ISO 9001:2015

Our vision is to grow reasonable within our core competence, to minimize independencies from individual suppliers on the one side and to develop existing ressources in order to be positioned in an optimum way within all divisons on the other side.

Our mission is to accompany our customers from the very beginning (= idea) throughout maturity phase – and beyond that – by supporting them with our long-lived experience and high technical competency. It is very important for us to satisfy our customers individual needs, to offer the best possible solution for them – thus develop and maintain business relationships that are long-lasting and characterised through loyality.

When talking about quality within Vitec Power GmbH we refer to a process that results in an outcome troughout whichsoever we continuously improve our achievements in order to meet the demands which we are asked for. Flexibility within our employees and services which relates directly to customer satisfaction generates the heart of our company. For this reason, we decided in 2014 to introduce a management system according to ISO 9001.

Here you can download the current certificate.