SFC Energy AG has launched a new, even more functional generation of the successful EFOY Pro fuel cell generators for demanding security and surveillance applications.

The small, compact power packs supply off-grid energy to stationary and mobile audio and video systems, property and border protection
equipment, nature observation and traffic management systems, and many more applications.


22% more output power: The new generation of EFOY Pro fuel cell generators is available in two power categories, with a maximum output power of 45 W and
110 W. Herewith, we have increased the maximum capacity of the EFOY Pro fuel cell generator by up to 22 %.

Up to 40 % lower operating costs: The new EFOY Pro 2400 for example, economizes 40 % of the cost per kWh when compared to the EFOY Pro 2200 of the 1st generation.

50% longer guaranteed service life: With a guaranteed runtime of 4,500 hours, the guaranteed usage increases by 50 % when compared with the first generation.

Duo – Longer independence: To address the demand for even longer autonomy without user intervention, the EFOY Pro is now available with two fuel connectors: the EFOY Pro 800 Duo and the EFOY Pro 2400 Duo.

Extended temperature range: The new EFOY Pro functions in an extended temperature range. The new EFOY Pro can be operated from –20 °C of up to +50 °C.

Operating panel with user-friendly interface: The operating panel for controlling the EFOY Pro fuel cell generator has a new interface. This allows the switching thresholds to be configured.

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