The new Cool-Power®: An ultra-small DC-DC converter that meets the power density challenges of next-generation high-end systems

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Picor’s new Cool-Power® 60 W Isolated DC-DC converter brings revolutionary levels of space saving and power density. With less than half the footprint of conventional solutions, it meets next-generation high-end system demands for more voltage rails and greater power within shrinking PCB areas. The Cool-Power® platform provides significant system-level improvements over conventional power distribution schemes. It combines the flexibility to deliver isolated power direct at the point-of-load, a dramatic reduction in overall power system size and increased power density, while maintaining a low number of conversion stages and low distribution losses.

The P13101 Cool-Power® converter’s advantages arise from a combination of various innovative technical concepts. Its novel thermally enhanced surface-mount Power System-in-Package (PSiP) implementation integrates isolation, regulation and voltage transformation into a single component that operates at up to 87% efficiency and resembles an IC more than a power supply in size and appearance. The Cool-Power® converter uses a proprietary ZVS topology with advanced silicon integration, state of the art planar magnetics and high performance power semiconductor technology which enables its high switching frequencies.

The high switching frequency of 900kHz allows for small input and output filter components, further reducing the total size and cost of the overall system solution. The converter accepts a wide input voltage ranging from 36 to 75 V, providing a regulated 3.3 V output at up to 18 A. Coupled with its tiny footprint of 3.6 cm2 and very low 6.7 mm profile, this represents a power density of 25 W/cm3, which is up to 3 times better than existing solutions.

Its rich feature set includes output voltage trim capability, remote on/off ENABLE, output over-voltage protection, adjustable soft-start, over-current protection with auto-restart, over and under input voltage lockout and an analogue voltage output that tracks internal junction temperature to support temperature monitoring, fault alarm and shutdown functions.

Applications include Power Over Ethernet (PoE), telecom environments that must withstand 100 V transients, wireless infrastructure and systems, other communications systems such as 3G, network infrastructure components including optical networks, network power systems, switchers and routers. In summary, Cool-Power® is ideal for any load up to 60 W requiring a high performance, high density and flexible power conversion solution.

For more information about the Cool-Power® DC-DC Converter, click here