Programmierbares Netzgerät SM15k von Delta Elektronika

More Delta Power

With the new SM500-CP-90 we have extended our offering to a higher power level: from 6kW
maximum per supply to 15kW.

Increased power without compromising either specifications or lifespan is what the
SM500-CP-90 offers. A breakthrough in power electronics technology has enabled us to
engineer features that customers demanded but were previously impossible while maintaining
very competitive prices.

Several new features are introduced in the SM500-CP-90 compared to our current power
supply series. One is already implied in the unit name: CP is short for Constant Power! The
constant power characteristic is not new, but along with a bi-directional power flow it is! Here
are the most striking features.

Flex output for better valueIcon_Flex Output: Constant Power

The constant output power covers the output range of five separate power supplies with a
traditional rectangular VI-curve. Choosing the best output range is much easier now and offers
users far better value for money.

Bi-directional power flow

Icon_Bi-directional Power Flow

Bi-directional power means the same constant power characteristic in the second quadrant for
the full 15kW. It operates like an electronic load too: previously Delta’s power supplies would
be equipped with an optional power sink capable of absorbing up to 10% of the total energy
which was dissipated via internal heat sinks. Now, the power sink is standard and can sink up
to 100% of the power without the need for dissipating lots of energy.

Power Recovery [Regeneration] Technology

With new Power Recovery [Regeneration] Technology Delta returns full power back into the
grid and the efficiency of 95% avoids the need for expensive water cooling. Compared to
traditional electronic loads – where dissipation is 100% – there is a power loss of just 5%.

Rooms will be cooler, costs for air conditioning systems will drop significantly and overall, the
SM500-CP-90 contributes to a smaller carbon footprint.

Extremely good dynamic response to load changes

Fast response to load changes has been a challenge for a long time, especially when it comes
to changing from positive to negative current and vice versa. Previously, for applications
requiring source and sink devices, several solutions were offered such as pre-loads. The full
integration of source and sink in one device is a neater and more efficient solution. The output
voltage of a SM500-CP-90 recovers in 200µs after a load change from +90 to -90A and -90 to

Inclusive functionality

Besides the constant power output and the bi-directional power flow a lot of other features are
included in the standard versions of the SM15K-series. For instance:

– Ethernet interface
– Built-in sequencer
– Digital control to adapt regulation to match load type
– Fine tune settings

There are no additional charges for these features.