With the latest USB-C charging devices intreXis is setting new benchmarks for quick and powerful charging of mobile devices in rail vehicles. The innovative USB-chargers already meet the new EU requirements, which define PD (power delivery) as the harmonised quick-charging standard and the USB type C port as of autumn 2024. The standardised communication between the charging unit and the device enables an optimal charging process and allows quick charging of two mobile phones or tablets simultaneously, even during short journeys. The charging device is extremely robust, made of aluminium or stainless steel and fully suitable for trains, trams, metros or passenger coaches. The flat design with a depth of just 10 mm allows flexible positioning and simple installation in passenger areas and the driver’s cab.

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Xtra slim and light – 50-Watt DIN Rail DC/DC Converter

Installation space for electrical equipment is always at a premium in modern railway vehicles. The new DIN rail DC/DC converter from intreXis impresses with its extremely slim design with a width of only 28 mm. This is particularly helpful when you have to set up complex systems in packed control cabinets. In addition, the extremely lightweight unit design of 230 g minimises the load on the TS-35 top-hat rail. The DIN rail mounting, specially developed by intreXis, is robust and reliable and easily meets the requirements for shock and vibration EN61373:2010 in railway applications according to EN50155:2021. The new 50 W DIN rail DC/DC converter follows the consistent design of the successful intreXis 50 W device series and offers you the familiar advantages, such as an ultra-wide input voltage range of 14.4 to 154 VDC, high efficiency of 91.9% at 110 Vin and 50 W, and no derating over the entire extended temperature range of –50°C to 85°C.

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Xtra high power density – the new 1000 Watt DC/DC Converter

It’s ready – the new intreXis flagship DC/DC converter will be introduced in time for InnoTrans 2022. A masterpiece of engineering that is incredibly impressive in terms of device design, functions, performance and effectively available 1000 W output power over the entire temperature range. Our new all-in-one design offers you the following advantages:

– The compact voltage converter with L/W/H dimensions of 245 × 135 × 74 mm requires little installation space and delivers reliable 1000 W output power over the entire extended temperature range of –50°C to +85°C according to EN50155:2021, completely without derating and additional heat sinks.

– All-inclusive – all useful functions such as active reverse polarity protection, parallel connection, decoupling diode, remote ON/OFF, DC-OK signal, active inrush current limitation and 10 ms hold up time (S2) are integrated as standard.

– In railway technology, DC/DC converters in higher power classes usually supply several load groups which are protected separately by circuit breakers. The high peak current available in the event of a short circuit guarantees reliable tripping of circuit breakers 20 A, characteristic B, or 12 A, characteristic C, of secondary load groups. For starting demanding capacitive loads, the device delivers 1.6 times the nominal output current, that’s a whopping 65 A. In addition to the impressive start-up performance, the converter has a power boost mode, which allows it to handle short-term peak loads of up to 1300 W for 100 ms.

– The sophisticated device design combines all essential aspects such as optimal heat dissipation through the integrated heat sink, easy mounting and an intuitive, tool-less and pluggable connection for the DC/DC converter. The open device design at intreXis has always helped you save additional weight. At just 1.8 kg, the new 1000 W intreXis DC/DC converter is exceptionally light.

Optimised for 110 VDC battery systems, the new 1000 W DC/DC converter is now available and is sure to be popular.

Do you have any current projects in which the features mentioned above offer you real added value? Contact the intreXis team – we are eager to hear your questions and requirements.

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