Vicor announced an AC-DC converter module called the “RFM” that converts 3-phase AC to up to 10 kW of regulated 48 VDC. This new power component uses a low-profile power tablet form-factor measuring just 9.4 x 5.9 x 0.6 in (24 x 15 x 1.5 cm), enabling unprecedented power density. It has been designed to optimize the use of space in a rack, and four RFMs in parallel can supply 40 kW of power within 1U of rack space, including input-disconnect circuitry, rectification and hold-up energy storage at 48 V. The RFM power tablet package also provides adept thermal management for advanced cooling, including liquid cooling.

48 V (including 54 VDC) distribution is the emerging standard in high-power racks, allowing smaller-gauge wiring and substantially lower distribution losses than legacy 12 VDC distribution. In combination with Vicor 48 V Power-on-Package (“PoP”) and 48 V Direct-to-PoL solutions, the RFM enables dense and efficient end-to-end power system solutions, from 3-phase AC to sub-1V for high-density server rack applications, including demanding HPC and AI inference and learning applications.

The RFM provides a power-factor-corrected, regulated, and isolated DC output with integrated filtering and built-in fault protection for redundant operation. The RFM can be configured to accept worldwide 3-phase AC mains from 200 to 480 VAC.